The Journal of English Language and Pedagogy (JELPA) was established as an open-access scientific publication supervised by the English Language Education Study Program within the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Kapuas University. Published every semester, in May and November, this journal serves as an essential platform for academics and researchers to disseminate their insights and discoveries in the field of English Language Education and Linguistics. With a commitment to open access, JELPA ensures that valuable research in these disciplines remains accessible to a diverse and global audience. Under the auspices of Universitas Kapuas, JELPA provides an important forum where cutting-edge studies and innovative ideas meet, fostering an atmosphere of knowledge exchange and academic excellence. Its dedication to advancing the understanding of English language pedagogy and linguistic studies is reflected in the journal's ISSN numbers: 2987-8225 (E-ISSN) and 2988-2826 (P-ISSN). Published in English, JELPA enriches the scientific landscape, significantly contributing to academic discourse in this field.